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Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Where can I find Voucher? I need 2 to forge Glutton's Tools, I know they give you 2 for free just by talking to people but I used one before I realized I needed it. Is there a way to get another or am I boned? User Info: Magikoopa1. You can get them if you keep buying food from the canteen although not sure how many food you need to buy to get 1.

User Info: MasterZ. And the arena quests also give voucher as reward sometimes. User Info: ZombieHunterPro. Every ten or so meals you eat you can get either a Voucher or rarely a Gourmet Voucher. User Info: Cheatingtaco. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Wroggi Piel x4 , G. Wroggi Piel x2 , G. Ludroth Shard x3 , R. Ludroth Talon x3 , R. Ludroth Talon x2 , R. Jaggi Piel x2 z. Wroggi Piel x4 z.

Baggi Piel x4 z. Wroggi Piel x3 z. Peco Fellwing x3 , C. Peco Shard x3 , C. Ludroth Shard x3 , Chic Crest x2 , R. Ludroth Talon x3 , P. Barroth Chine x5 , J. Barroth Crown x3 , J. Barroth Chine x4 , J.

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Barroth Talon x4 , J. Barroth Cortex x3 , J.

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Barroth Lash x1 , J. Barroth Talon x3 , Prized Pelt x3 z. Giggi Talon x2 , B.

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Giggi Piel x4 , B. Plesio Shard x3 , Fine G. Plesi Fin x3 , G. Plesio Shard x1 , Fine G. Plesio Shard x4 , Fine G.

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  • Barioth Fur x3 , S. Barioth Cortex x3 , S.

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    Barioth Talon x2 , S. Barioth Fur x4 , S. Narga Dapples x6 , G. Narga Shard x5 , Hvy G. Narga Shard x5 , G. Narga Fang x5 , G. Agnak Fin x3 , B. Giggi Talon x3 , P. Ludroth Talon x3 , High Voltstone x3 , B. Diablos Chine x3 , Conqueror's Seal x5 z.

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    Lagi Shard x5 , Lagiacrus Talon x3 , I. Lagi D-Shocker x4 , I. Lagi Shard x5 , I. Rathalos Shard x3 , A. Rath Cortex x2 , A. Rathalos Shard x3 , Rathalos Mantle x1 , Purecrystal x1 z. Zin Hardhorn x3 , S. Zin Cortex x4 , S. Zinogre Talon x5 , S.

    Zin Dragnshell x4 , S. Zinogre Lash x1 , S. Zin Dragonhair x4 , S. Zinogre Talon x4 , S. Zin Dragnshell x5 , Dracophage Bug x5 z. Duram Shell x6 , R. Duram Plate x4 , R. Duram Plate x3 , R. Diablos Chine x6 , B. Uragaan Scute x2 , S. Uragaan Shard x4 , S. Rathian Cortex x2 , P. Rathian Shard x3 , P. Rathian Shard x4 , Monster Slogbone x3 , Purecrystal x1 z. Low Rank Blademaster. High Rank Blademaster.

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    G Rank Blademaster. Low Rank Gunner. High Rank Gunner. G Rank Gunner. Active Skill. Rhenoplos Bone x3 , Avian Stoutbone x6 , Gracium x4. Imperial Frill x2 , G. Fey Wyvern Gem x1 , G. Jaggi Head x1 , Eltalite Ore x3. Imperial Crest x2 , G. Imperial Beak x2 , G. Lagombi Auricle x2 , Lagombi Fur x2 , G. Volvidon Cortex x3 , G.